Here are some basics on herd immunity, and here is some more technical research if you’re interested in the details! 

If you’ve ever heard my rants about vaccination, you know it’s a major topic with me. Because hey, I’m one of these immunosuppressed people this comic talks about, so it’s a bit of a sensitive subject. (“Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t like getting vaccinated? I don’t like having three month long respiratory infections because you gave me the freaking flu, but I guess you don’t care about that”)

Essentially, Ellen and her wonderful character Katherine have just said it better than I ever could—and using Shaun of the Dead references, too!!! It’s all about herd immunity—getting vaccinated isn’t just about your own health, it’s about the health—and non-zombification—of the entire human race.

Awesome explanation.

This might be one of the best explanations for why we need vaccinations I’ve ever seen.

"It’s not a public health issue" my ass.

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i’m just gonna interrupt tonight’s screaming to point out that melinda may has black widow listed on her phone
imageAS ‘NAT’

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#one of my favorite spn things ever is how genuinely offended castiel looks when dean compares him to a baby

Fun fact: Misha actually forgot his line here and so he just stared out the window so Jensen’s face is his genuine reaction.

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tranquil as a forest, but on fire within.



Agents of SHIELD commentary: Rafe Judkins, Lauren LeFranc, Ming-Na Wen and J. August Richards on “T.R.A.C.K.S.”.

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Worlds Collide by ribkaDory
I can dream a little, right? Similar to this, cause why not (:


Worlds Collide by ribkaDory

I can dream a little, right? 

Similar to this, cause why not (:

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